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Serving the Aftermarket with the Highest Quality Standards and Parts Saemoto’s long-standing commitment to safety and quality has helped make it the preferred parts manufacturer to the aftermarket industry. Key to Saemoto’s success is its extensive global staff of design engineers, supplier quality engineers, customer quality and technical support engineers. Together, this team ensures that all products are engineered and produced to meet/exceed O.E.M specifications.


As a leading parts manufacturer, sourcing, and distribution/logistics company, Saemoto offers its aftermarket customers ready access to an extensive range of products including:

100% new alternators, starters and their components

Voltage regulators, Rectifiers

100% new Ignition Distributors

Ignition modules and Coils

Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) and Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensors

Engine management components

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463 Tagore Industrial Ave, Singapure 787832

Address: 463 Tagore Industrial Ave, Singapure 787832